The Best Ways To Shop Smart For A Baby Shower


When you need to buy gift for a baby shower it can be quite daunting, especially for single people. That's because you might not know what to get, or you might think that the gifts that are left on the registry are overpriced.  often you can wait to the last minute, and realize that the gifts are out of your budget range. Below are the best ways to Shop Smart for a baby shower and still get something from the heart to your loved ones.


DIY Shower Baskets

One of my favorite things for Mom to be our DIY shower baskets. These gift baskets literally come from the heart with mothering in mind. You can stuff these baskets with virtually anything. For instance, breast feeding accessories, nursing pillows, nursing covers, bottles & sets, bottle nipples, bottle accessories, warmers & sterilizers, formula, pacifiers & pacifier clips, teethers, burp cloths, onesies, blankets, bibs, baby lotion, baby bath, diaper cream, diapers, and anything else you think Mom or Dad may have forgot to pick up for baby. Don’t worry if you end up buying something another person gifted. Parents need more than one of just about everything - because they will likely pack it in a diaper bag and keep one at home. That’s something they don’t need you to buy - a diaper bag. Trust us, they’ll still end up with three or four at the shower.


Check Out Online Discounts

When you were looking to purchase these items in bulk a great way to do this for a gift shower basket is to do it online. You can often get deep discounts online when you shop stores like Buy Buy Baby!  they often offer free coupon code a printable coupons that you can find on Groupon is a great place in order to get really big discounts on items that you need to buy for the baby shower. That means that you can order all of the items on Buy Buy Baby and have them shipped all to your house at once. Then just rearrange your gift basket the way you want, and voila! An instant baby shower gift that took you no time.


Check Store Policy

Just in case you should always check in with the store policy to make sure that they do allow returns in the event that the parents want to return the item. You never know what might happen? And whether or not the end up with 30 baby pacifiers and no diapers. They can return 25 pacifiers and order a pack of diapers on the chance that free returns are possible.also another thing to check the store policy for, is free shipping. Many online stores these days offer you free shipping on qualifying purchases. For instance, Bye Bye Baby gives you a big break and offers free shipping on orders over $29. That's a huge savings when it comes to buying a baby shower gift. You might not have a lot of money when it comes to buying your friends something for their new baby, but you can still get them something small and not break the bank with Bye Bye Baby.